Now it's so easy to put today's powerful microcontrollers to work for you!

Start programming with microcontrollers right away-- no software to install. Easy-to-use microcontroller-resident BASIC with many modern features removes all the complexity, making programming simpler than ever! Use it with any computer, any operating system-- all you need is a terminal program! This is a great platform for science and technology projects in biology, physics, chemistry, industrial control, automation, robotics, data logging, etc.

soBASIC (a.k.a StickOS BASIC) is a revolutionary BASIC programming language created by software engineer Rich Testardi. The entire programming environment-- including file system-- resides in the flash memory of the microcontroller, so there is no need to install anything on the host computer. This makes programming very easy and completely platform-independent. Virtually any host platform capable of emulating a "dumb terminal" will be suitable for working with this system! soBASIC contains many elements of classic BASIC interpreters, but is a modern object-oriented programming language. It is intuitive and easy to use, with built-in objects for analog and digital output, analog and digital input, frequency output, hobby servos, etc.


soBASIC Hardware Platforms

Adapt9S12DP512 is a powerful full-featured hardware module hosting StickOS BASIC, and is offered in two configurations:

  1. Experimentor package, with solderless breadboards and USB adapter
  2. BASIC microcontroller module for those already having a breadboard